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Rule 36: Work as if You Didn’t Need the Money

Most of you are working because you need the money. Some people let it show and some people don’t. If somebody looks as though they don’t need the money, it’s for one of two reasons

  • they put on a good act
  • they genuinely enjoy their work and do it because they love it (they would do it even if they didn’t need the money)

Clearly the second one is a fantastic place to be and is your goal. But even if that’s not the case for you yet, there’s a very good reason to act as if you would work irrespective of the financial return. If people think (or know) that you need the money, it gives them power over you and that puts you in a vulnerable position; it makes you insecure. Here’s the reality: if you need the income that your employer provides, they fucking own you. They are the source of income that you use to fund your lifestyle; without them, you’re screwed. If you are living/acting as though don’t need the money, they have no power and you have it instead.


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