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Wants vs Needs

“If you don’t regard what you have as enough, you’ll never be happy, even if you rule the entire world. “

Two men are talking to each other at a billionaire’s mansion. One says to the other “this guy makes more money in one day than you will in your entire lifetime.”

The other man says “yes but I have something he doesn’t have. I am happy because I have an idea of what enough is.”

‘Enough’ is never enough for those whose ‘enough’ is too little. Read that again.

If you can get to a place where enough is good, everything else is a bonus and the rest of your life is amazing.

If you tell yourself “I’ll only be happy IF…I’ll only be happy WHEN… ” , you’ll never get there. The finish line will move and you’ll fail.

‘Enough’ IS enough. Ask yourself “Is what I have enough?”

Everybody has desires. Desire is human. Desire is an incremental way of enhancing your life…of arranging and rearranging our lives. Today you desire a home; tomorrow, you desire money; the next day, you desire something else.

Desire is about yourself, always. It’s personal. Vision is an all-inclusive process. Vision can transform the whole situation. Vision is much like desire but when you say you’re a visionary, what you’re saying is, You have a larger desire which is not about just incremental improvement of my life. Vision is a phenomenal thing.