The Inferno: Living Your Life on FIRE

Why professional wine tasters and stock pickers are clueless—and how you can beat them

A lot of you might think that personal finance seems so complicated because of all the fancy language these finance bros are throwing around. Sure, all that might sound fancy to the untrained ear, but most of those people sound stupid when they talk about investing to people that have control. Investing is not just “buying stocks;” you don’t have to throw around fancy language like hedge fundsderivatives, and call options to do well. This level of complexity is not necessary to become wealthy. Just because people talk like that on TV doesn’t mean you need it. For regular people like you and me, all that shit is completely irrelevant.

Sure, it sounds showy and pretentious, but when regular folks talk about complicated concepts like this, it’s like two 16-year-olds arguing about the cam timing in their engines. Sure, maybe it will help a little, but they’d be much better drivers if they just went outside and drove around for a few hours each day.

Here is the truth about investing, long-term works. There is no reliable, reproducible ‘get rich quick’ plan for you. I get it; that’s not sexy and sounds super boring. But do you want to impress naive people by sounding like a pretentious asshole or do you want to actually free yourself?

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